sundown with him by a. l. k.

the sun has gone down minutes ago,

but it’s only now that heaven is reacting,

the clouds are turning a slight shade of pink at first,

barely noticeable just like the color your cheeks turns,

below your freckles, when people compliment you,

you know?

after the sun has taken over the clouds,

it claims the sky around itself,

turning it a thousand shades of yellow,

just like your eyes, shining so golden,

it almost makes me believe into a greater god,

you know?

Heaven is burning now, every bit is red

the sky is on fire, looking just like the shade of your hair,

red, tangeling in the last sunbeams, licking flames,

you know?

and then, suddenly, it’s over,

the sky has gone dark within seconds,

pitch-black, and just like that your are gone,

but unlike the sun, your won’t just

raise again in a few hours.


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