Playlist for a New Start

“[…] and now we welcome the new year, full of things that have not ever been.” -Rainer Maria Rilke

In the honor of this one and only chance of a change I have put together a new playlist with mostly fast and motivational songs, which will hopefully help you bring out the best in you on each day of this happy new year.

  1. Back to the beginning again by Switchfoot
  2. Crazy = Genius by Panic! At the disco
  3. Hallelujah by Panic! At the disco
  4. I lived by OneRepublic
  5. Impossible Year by Panic! At the disco
  6. The Judge by twenty one pilots
  7. LA Devotee by Panic! At the disco
  8. Let it out by Switchfoot
  9. Ride by twenty one pilots
  10. Something I need by OneRepublic
  11. Tear in my heart by twenty one pilots
  12. We don’t believe what’s on tv by twenty one pilots
  13. The world you want by Switchfoot
  14. All alright by Fun.
  15. Great big storm by Nate Ruess
  16. Some nights by Fun.

Don’t let anything get you down this year. Wear that trousers you love, which you heard someone else say looked like shit on you. Wear them because they make you feel beautiful. Be bold. Don’t content yourself with everything all the time. Start telling people how you feel about them making decisions for you. Learn to cook. Write a book. You name it. Be an artist. Or an author. A musician, an athletic- anything. It’s not about officially becoming that, as in doing it as a job. It’s about being it. No matter how old you are, how tall or small, where you are from and how well educated you are. This is a new start. You can do whatever you want whenever you want it, because you all have a choice. There are consequences that you have to live with for like quitting your job or skipping school, but you have a choice and your choice matters. You go or you don’t go. You do it or you don’t. Make this year yours. Be who you are, who you want to be. If you want it you can  do it. You can’t win if you do not try. So try. Try a thousand times and then one more and another time an hour later. Learn to eat healthy, work out, go outside more often, watch the rain fall. Look around. Look and see, with your eyes wide open and you will realize that there are so many possibilities. Some that have never been there before and you should take them because who knows? Next year you might not have the chance to be a barista at that café you have always loved. You might never see that person on the train from last Thursday again. There are so many What Ifs. Don’t make yourself regret the ones you you left aside. Take them. Today, because, and I don’t want to sound pessimistic at that but, there is always the slightest chance that there will be no tomorrow. Take the risk or lose the chance. It’s that simple.


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