Me, Anna, the vintage kid

Hello, I am Anna Louise. You might know me as ‘the vintage kid’ or ‘neverwordless’ from around the internet. I love old fashioned clothes and all early technology such as typewriters and record players. Yes, Anna, that’s me. A girl at the edge of becoming a woman, clueless about who she really is, but working to figure it out every day.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I believe in The Power of Kindness and will support it until the day I die. While I consider myself a feminist, like some other girls in my generation, I fight not in the front rows but in the back of the fields in silent. By reading old books about strong women and expressing myself throughout poetry. To spread my word, I am working on my debut novel, ‘Of Coffee and Longing’, a collection of poetry, that reaches out to the world.


If I could I would spend all my days sitting at cozy, little Cafés, writing and reading, while listening to the chats of Baristas and sipping a Cappuccino. Or either dozing off in my bed by the window, lulled in heaps of white sheets, to the sounds of an old vinyl. On Sundays, you may find me at one of the many vintage flea markets in Berlin, digging through heaps of lovely, old stuff, looking for a treasure for my collection of beautiful and old things. Reality looks a bit different sadly though, but life’s just like that. Busy.

One thing is left to say, wherever you are, whoever you might be, whatever you’re going through, please be kind. Carry out kindness and it will find it’s way back to you. No-one should feel uncomfortable about the way he is and to make that possible we have to accept everyone as they are. So start now and tell your loved ones that they are just the way they should be- themselves.


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