welcome to anna’s books sphere

I dearly welcome you all on my little book-blog. I am anna, a sixteen year old, book and photography fetishist. When I don’t spend my time with my nose inside a book or at School wasting my prechious time, I do sketches of fictional characters, make bookmarks with paint and lots of glitter, watch some tv series, mug up over the story I am writing on or have a heatly discussion with my reading buddies over on Instagram. For lots of photos of books, nature and coffee, and long booktalks you are very welcome to leave me a follow there too, it’s neverwordless, I look forward to getting to know you.I hope you enjoy my little little blog, here I share my reviews of books and series, own  poetry and stories and sometimes some everyday life things I need to talk about.

thank you for sticking around, everyone and now let’s finally move on to the important stuff, away from this crazily awkward smalltalk, let’s get to- the books.


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